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Stains can be a great pain for anyone and any carpet. Sometimes, it may seem that there’s just no way to remove the stains you’re faced with, no matter how hard you seem to scrub. Chem-Dry of Hillsboro is here to help by providing you with stain removal services in Hillsboro OR that can eliminate virtually any stain. It’s been a long road developing the formulas that are just right for treating a variety of different stains, but our method is certainly tested and proven, and it’s made us experts at what we do. We also pride ourselves on exceptional customer service; when we come into your home, we’ll treat it as if it were our very own. So, let us help you get rid of those pesky stains, give us a call today!

Unique Stains, Specialized Formulas

Stains come in various forms and as a result in order to effectively eliminate them it's important to take every one on a case by case basis. To meet your expectations Chem-Dry of Hillsboro will begin by identifying the kind of stain so we can know exactly what sort of treatment method will get the job done. We take care of anything from mascara, to motor oil, to BBQ sauce and much more, and we have a diverse range of solutions for a variety of stains. As soon as we’ve managed to identify the nature of the stain and choose a formula to apply we will eliminate the stain and return your carpet to its excellent original state. Stains are a thing of the past in Hillsboro OR. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts today!