Carpet Care Tips

Pre-Holiday Cleaning Advice

holiday carpet cleaning

Fall is coming, and as summer comes to a close it’s that time of year when everyone takes a deep breath before plunging headfirst into the holidays. It begins with Halloween, which is just around the corner, and then before you know it, Thanksgiving is here and you’re hosting your family in your home. Finally, Christmas comes and you find that decorations are all throughout your house including a tree and presents. What we’re getting at is that now is the time to clean before the holidays, and we have some tips to help you get started!


From the beginning of the season many guests will find themselves in your entryway, whether they’re just stopping by for a quick holiday greeting, trick-or-treating, or family and friends arriving for a celebration. That makes this a great place to start! Clean it thoroughly using our Chem-Dry services, and make sure to get your entryway closets organized so they look top notch and are able to accommodate any guests that arrive with coats and hats.

Dining and Living Spaces

As you begin decorating for the holidays it’s always a good idea to start with a clean space so that dust and dirt doesn’t hide behind your decorations all season long. These dining and living spaces will also be the most prominent when entertaining guests or hosting a holiday party. Chem-Dry can help ensure that these spaces not only look fantastic, but we’ll make sure to eliminate any odors or allergens lurking within your carpet fibers.


Bathrooms are sometimes out of sight and out of mind. Don’t forget to ensure this room is looking great before heading into the holiday season. Chem-Dry can help you with any rugs that need cleaning and also offers superior spot and stain removal services to make sure these small, but important, rooms look fantastic when you need them to.

Time is running out before the holidays are finally here, and when they arrive so will your friends and family. Make sure to schedule an appointment today and Chem-Dry will help make sure you and your home are ready to receive the holidays and any guests that come with them.