Odor Control

This month we wanted to go over a valuable carpet cleaning product we provide which isn’t as widely known as our prominent formula known as The Natural. We’re talking about our deodorizer and sanitizer products that precisely targets allergens and odors lurking inside your carpets and upholstery. Here’s a breakdown of the Chem-Dry solutions that will supply that final touch to allow your carpets to smell terrific and clean at a microscopic level!

Milgo Plus


This solution is king in terms of deodorizing and sanitizing your home. Milgo Plus features both a deodorizer and sanitizer, so we can easily remove allergens, kill all invisible bacteria, and leave a fresh fragrance when we’re done. If you want our go to well-rounded deodorizer/sanitizer product, here it is.

Milgo SR

If you’re merely wanting to neutralize odors in your carpets or furniture, then the Milgo SR is the deodorizer you would like. After your carpet is cleansed, this solution will concentrate on any odors that have been soaked up by your carpet fibers and leave your home smelling fresh once again.

Scented Deodorizers

Our Company offers deodorizers that leave your selection of Lemon Grove scent or Apple Cinnamon scent. These products target nasty odors while also leaving behind a scent you’ll love.


If you just need a fantastic scent after we leave your home then you’ll likely be interested in our fragrances. They're made to provide a wonderful fragrance of your liking, and we have some choices which are sure to make you happy. Our current selection of fragrances are: apple harvest, eucalyptus, lemon grove, Hawaiian breeze, and orange citrus.

Go above our groundbreaking carpet cleaning and ask us about our deodorizers, sanitizers, and fragrances as we offer service at your residence!

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