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Back to School Dirt Prevention

back to school dirt prevention

School is back in session, so you don't have to continuously be concerned with how you will entertain your kids throughout the day. Then again, going to school requires your children to go out there into the world and when they return they're bound to take all types of dirt and allergens along with them. Of course that doesn’t necessarily suggest you need to live with the filth - by simply being well organized and becoming just a little creative, it is possible to spare your house from anything your kids bring along with them. Read on to find out more about our tips!

Use a Shoe Rack

A guaranteed way to end up getting filthy carpets is to allow your family to leave on their shoes inside and track the filth into your house. Whenever your carpets are dirty it could impact the cleanness of your entire home and perhaps your health and well-being. Carpets are naturally filth magnets, and should be cleansed often, but if you’re in a position to keep the filth from ever reaching the carpet then you’ll be better prepared, and your carpets will remain cleaner for longer. Shoe holders and organizers are fantastic for minimizing the quantity of dirt that ends up on your carpet while also keeping your entrance way looking clean and well organized. They’re very affordable and definitely worth the investment to help eliminate after school dirt.

Set Out Door Mats and Rugs

An easy, yet commonly forgotten, tactic to prevent dirt in your home is using mats and rugs in primary entrances. In case you don’t possess mats already, then now could be a great time to begin using them. Your kids are already in a learning frame of mind, so teaching them this new rule - to wipe their feet after returning home from school - will fit right in with their new routine. Using mats and rugs are welcoming and will go a long ways to assist in preventing dirt in your home.

Make a Chore Chart

Even when making plans to stop dirt in the home it is at times inevitable. That’s why regular cleaning is necessary and getting your children to pitch in and help is an excellent way to make sure it gets done while teaching them hard work. All types of chores are important, but particularly we’re discussing vacuuming your carpets. When you vacuum you clean more than simply dirt, there’s also dog hair, flea eggs, toxins, spills, and an assortment of other impurities that you’re getting rid of. This is easily among the best things that you can do to extend the life of your carpets.

If these steps aren’t enough and you need some extra help, that’s where we come in. By scheduling an appointment for us to clean your carpets, we’ll make sure they’re in top condition and you can then continue to use the steps listed above to ensure your home stays clean. So, enjoy the school year, and enjoy clean carpets as well!

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