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When you really need your rugs professionally cleaned there’s nowhere in Hillsboro, OR which gets the job done comparable to Chem-Dry of Hillsboro. Our company relies upon a unique process that has been tried and proven to get the dirtiest of rugs appearing wonderful once more. We also know the great need for limiting our impression on our planet; that’s exactly why our ground-breaking formula is green certified. Whenever you depend upon Chem-Dry of Hillsboro you can rest assured knowing that we’ll offer your area rugs the best quality of care achievable while causing no harm in any way to your wellness nor the condition of the environment. Let our trained and friendly technicians get your rugs looking great once again by booking your consultation today!

An Unmatched Process

Our strategy incorporates the power of carbonation to draw out even the deepest of stains and dirt from your rugs. We combine our safe carbonated solution with hot water to explode the dirt and grime straight out of your rug’s fibers. Then we employ our hot water extraction method to eliminate any trace of dirt out of your rugs, resulting in them being cleaner than ever. One more great benefit is that we don’t use detergent and other dirt attracting substances, which means that your rugs will stay cleaner for much longer. In addition to all of this count on your rugs to be treated with delicate care, because we know they’re valuable and hold meaning to you. Our benefits speak for themselves and you can also benefit from them right away in the Hillsboro, OR area.

Clean, Meet Green

In the arena of small business it’s simple to allow ecological expectations to slip so you can cut costs, but at Chem-Dry of Hillsboro we value the surrounding natural environment and also have made it a goal to leave as little impression as we can. Our method is extremely effective due to its reliance on the power of carbonation, but it's also all natural and entirely safe for your home as well as the environment. In Hillsboro, OR get ready to enjoy attractive looking rugs without the problematic side effects on your health and the condition of our surroundings. Obtaining a quote is simple; call or click today to discover the Chem-Dry way - You won’t regret it!

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